Wide Audio

Our mission is to continuously conceive and craft sound reproduction devices of unparalleled quality and durability.

The founders

In order to deepen their career in the Audio industry Marc de Viviés and René Marchini continue to work as sound engineer and musician. By combining their respective backgrounds (engineering and startup owner) and skill sets, they have developed a meticulous approach to sound processing, always aiming to keep the original aspects of sound quality and tone during recording and sound production.


René Marchini is both an electronic and sound engineer. He started making his own HI-FI products in his early teens (vinyl players, amplifiers, speakers).
After 30 years of experience crafting electronics and audio equipment, he decided to make active speakers for his own use.

In Spring of 2011 one of is friends Marc de Viviés had the chance to listen to one of these custom-built speakers and ask if these could be reproduced.
Shortly afterwards 3 new pairs were constructed.

René took care of all the electronics and engineering aspects, while Marc worked on the mechanical phases with professional cabinet and parts suppliers.

After the first prototypes were produced, these new speakers quickly brought enthusiasm from friends and acquaintances. Consequently they both decided to further develop the concept by creating their company in order to design a full audio system which would include a preamplifier, stands and accessories.

From that day forward Wide Audio was born.

The system

The full system consists of a pair of WA6001 speakers, the WA1150 preamplifier, and matching stands and cables. Each item was developed completely from the ground up with great care to create a coherent professional grade sound system for home use.


Bookshelf Active Speakers

Our WA6001 is an active speaker that includes an amplifying module and an active filter for each driver. This active technology consists of filtering the signal between high and low frequencies before amplification. This technology is used in recording studios and other professional environments and allows for extremely high quality sonic reproduction.

  • Speaker direct drive: each driver has its own amplifier
  • Active filter: low noise, high precision filter before amplification stage made with premium quality components
  • Phase control: frequency and phase control in the common range between the tweeter and the boomer are carefully controlled
  • Power amplifier: 2xAB class amplifiers (60w) have been carefully chosen and implemented to provide stability and large band-width



Allows you to control your sound system volume, source, and balance along with other system adjustments. Specific features of this advanced preamplifier are:

  • Multiple inputs: Connect to a total of six output sources including: DVD player, computer, TV, professional or HI-FI audio equipment.
  • Low noise: A specific design including premium low noise components, four layers of PCB design, magnetic shielding on sensitive zones and components allows low noise level in the signal.
  • DAC: A top of the range Digital to Analog Converter chip is implemented in one of the most effective designs for optimum Digital to Analog conversion for transmitting sound to the amplifiers.
  • Extremely Intuitive: A consumer-friendly design makes this exclusive product easy and smooth to use thanks to advanced mechanics, touch recognition, auto- fade-IN and fade-OUT, adjustable standby mode, adjustable mute, etc.
  • Remote: this infra-red remote control device will enable you to reach the main commands easily.

How to buy

We mostly work on preorders with small batch production to maintain the absolute highest quality standards.

Please contact us to inquire how to purchase these units in your country as well as the availability and production schedules of the items you would like to acquire.

We distribute our products both directly or through short channel distributors depending on your area.

Thank you in advance for your inquiry and we hope Wide Audio products will soon help you fully enjoy your music and other recordings.

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